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Have there been any issues with grass catchers?

The deflector shield keeps falling off.

1 answer
Unfortunately, does not provide any information regarding issues with grass catchers. However, you may check out detailed information regarding your mowers warranty on the last page in your owner's manual.
If you don’t have your manual, you may request it following the link
For further assistance please contact Toro Customer Service at (844) 521-2381.

How do I replace a gas cap on my. Toro Snow King blower with a tecumse engine? Mice chewed half of it away.

William S Fkq

Mice ate the gas cap! Snow King Snow blower with Tecumseh engine.

I tried the internet with many many different caps.

No part number is visible. How do I know which one is the correct replacement?

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Why have I had to replace the 40amp fuse two times?

Mark F Rjm

Bought Tor 22 inch walk behind mower with electric stat in May of 2021. Electric start quick working before I had finished the 1st cutting.

Took it dealer and he replace the 1st fuse. Use it the next time, worked fine. The third time using the mower, the electric start quit working.

So I just replaced the 2nd blown fuse with a new one. Replacement is easy but would like to use the mower more than one or two times before having to replace the fuse.

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How can I get my lawn mower replaced

1 answer
According to Toro Support, Toro mowers come with a warranty from the purchase date against any manufacturing defects. If you are experiencing issues with your mower, the company support team recommends a physical inspection by an authorized Toro service dealer to determine the cause of the issue. If the dealer determines the cause is from a manufacturing defect, this warranty covers repair parts/labor. The warranty does not offer an exchange option.
You can find a full copy of your warranty using the model & serial numbers of your mower at and you can find the closest authorized service dealer in your area at

new mower

rick m Dln

I recently purchased a Toro 22in Recycler Lawn Mower thru Home Depot, and it was shipped to me with a damaged plastic cover on the right, rear lever used to adjust the wheel height. Also, the blue handle on the lawn mower handle was cracked. Can you send me replacement parts?

Model 20353

Serial 40276****

Best Regards,

Rick Mathieson

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